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HellRaisers lost to PENTA, but won Titan

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  Titan @bo2
(16:11 @inferno, 16:4 @overpass)

Today our boys had to play two bo2 games within Counter Pit League. The battle against the titans from the France opened the evening. KennyS and Co. couldn't find an antidote for HellRaisers and lost to them on de_inferno, as well as on de_overpass. Despite of the fact that 12 rounds were taken by HellRaisers on the CT side. Titan during the long period of time didn't give up and even found a comeback thread. But a few beforehand planned rounds for the attack side let our boys close de_inferno with a score of 16:11. 

On de_overpass the very 12 rounds on the defense side guaranteed even faster and more confident victory. Here neither KennyS not any other player of the French team could demonstrate anything. The spectacular pistol round was for the terrorists (we saw a frisky attack on the A plant through Banana) allowed not to drag the feet! The victory — 16:4. 

 HellRaisers [0:2]  PENTA @bo2
(15:19 @dust2, 8:16 @cache)

Then our team had to go up against one of the most striking representatives of German CS:GO scene — PENTA. On de_dust2 HellRaisers were at the lead during the whole game, but at the end of it we faced some issues. Firstly, the technical ones: when the score was 15:10, almost the whole team disconnected from the server, then it was the gaming problems — the Germans took 9 rounds in a row and not only brought the game into the overtimes, but won the game — 15:19.

On de_cache the team from Germany began to prove that the victory on de_dust2 wasn't for nothing. This map was picked by the players of PENTA, so it wasn't surprising that HellRaisers couldn't impose the tempo. The first three rounds were taken by our team, but after that the initiative went to the PENTA team: the Germans won 11 rounds in the first half and rapidly pushed the matter through in the second one — 8:16. 

 Emil «kUcheR» Akhundov's comment:

«It's hard to play after such a long break. Today we managed to practice a bit on de_inferno before the game with Titan. We have lost the bitter game against PENTA. Well, we will do our best to get into the shape».

After today's matches HellRaisers have 5 points. More information about the tournament is in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!