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HellRaisers Faces of the Team: Alexey «Lostov» Fursov

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A shy, St. Petersburg guy – that’s how the recruit tells about himself on his personal page in Vkontakte. Indeed, he has got a lot in his 20 years and although he has become a professional eSport player in a well-known multigaming organization, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. We offer you to get to know better this mysterious guy, who has suddenly appeared on the Hearthstone stage and now strikes fear in the distinguished leaders.

Please meet, Lostov!

Alexey was born and almost the whole childhood he spent in St. Petersburg, which is the culture capital of Russia. However, the fate brought his family to the cleanest European sea, to the Barents Sea. In the town, which is close to Murmansk, the weather turned out to be really cold, as Alex says. There he went to school. After a while the family returned to St. Petersburg.

At the elementary school he was an excellent student, but the relationship with classmates were far from being perfect:

«I wasn't the coolest boy in the class, so I never was the most popular guy among girls;)  It happened that I preferred speaking with girls, with whom I met due to my hobbies or some friends in common. For instance, I met one awesome girl, when I was taking part in the amateur football league. And, by the way, she was an excellent football player, too».

Besides the excellent marks, Alexey started trying out a wide range of sports. At some time he was even interested in the ballroom dances:

«I used to dance in a pair with a girl from the higher class, and I can say, that we were doing really good, since we managed to take many prize places during that timeThen I gave up dancing and joined the chess club. And, by the way, the things were going good as well. However, I didn’t manage to win any tournaments».

the chess. One would think that the kid, who was an exemplary student in the school years, may like the highly intelligent game, but Alexey was interested in something more, he wanted to achieve some heights in this direction. Despite of the good results, he had to give up, since it didn't bring the expected ones. However, Alex continued to keep the close relationship with sport. 

«When I was a bit older, I fell in love with football. I used to play with friends and acquaintances at the courtyard; to take part in the amateur league and to watch a lot of games on TV. In addition to this, I used to play FIFA. Well, it was a good time in general. I found many new friends due to this hobby, and that I consider as the most important thing. Then I joined the table tennis club and also I used to play for the school volleyball team».

With the passing of time, Alexey was growing up, and the study receded into the backgroundAlexey characterizes his school years only with positive words, since the things he was interested about did help him to find himself.

«At school I never had problems with technical subjects; I was especially good with the physics and mathematics. But, getting closer to the university, everything had been changed. I made a conclusion that if I like something and this is really interesting to me, I can spend almost all my free time doing this».

Alexey always was a quite shy person, but it wouldn't be a bad thing for him. Indeed, the patience, rigidity and the ability to establish a goal are his main true companions during the whole life. He’s got a certain attitudes, preferences and tastes towards the life.

«Like most people, I do like watching different movies and serials. I frequently go to the cinema either alone or with my friends. As for the music, I can say that I prefer listening the electronic music. However, I’m not against other genres. So, I can listen everything as long as I like this track».

First time Alexey sat at the computer when he was 5 years old. According to his words, the parents still have the old records, where he was playing some games. The first game was the race called Formula 1, then he started to play Prince of Persia. Yeah, those days the games seemed to be so hard.

«I used to play everything from the early childhood. The first «serious» game turned out to be GTA Vice City, if I’m not mistaken. Like most teenagers I spent many time playing CS 1.6. A bit later a friend of mine hooked me on World of Tanks. I used to play this game for a while. And now, my game is Hearthstone. Also from time to time I spend my time in some single ones».

The Lostov’s eSport career began with the GoHa Gruul Cup: Master League January tournament, which ran in January of 2014. The best players from the CIS region took part in it. Despite of the fact that at that moment Alexey didn’t make a claim about himself and didn’t even get a legendary rank, his attendance request was accepted. The tournament had a good prize fund, so there was something to fight for. 

«During the whole tournament, the players had to play only one class. That time I picked Robber, since it was, actually, the only deck I could play. I was “a dark house” at that tournament, but I managed to reach the Final though, where I met with Gnumme. Unfortunately, I lost the final stage without scoring a point – 0:3. But I made a decision that I understand something in this game and that I should continue trying out my own strength within more tournaments like that».

After that Fursov managed to reach many podiums of different championships. During this time he met a lot of professional players, including the boys from Team Empire. After a while, Lostov joined this organization.

«When I was joining Team Empire, many people already knew me, so it wasn’t that hard to blend into the team. I arrived in the team by the invitation of its manager. I had been trying to take part in a special tournament before that, the winner of which would get the direct invitation into the team. But my performance was rather weak, lost at the final play-off stage. Nevertheless, I became a part of Team Empire. During the time of playing for that team, I managed to win a couple of tournaments and take a few prize places. After a while I gave up taking part in tournaments and took a short break from playing Hearthstone. I didn’t want to be a dead weight in the team, so I decided to leave Team Empire».

Not so long ago Lostov joined the number of participants of the Starladder Qualifiers. He won, and then got a partnership proposal from HellRaisers. Right now the eSport is more than just a habit for Alexey.

«I take the eSport very seriously, since I, as a person, who spends a lot of time on games and even joined the eSport organization, just can’t give an opposite answer, – Alexey said. He also thinks that thanks to the eSport it’s possible to meet many interesting people, visit another city or country or some tournament, play with the players from the whole world and even earn a bit, If successful. Heathstone is an eSports discipline, which only develops, especially in the CIS region, but even now it is quite popular among the fans of card games. «We’ll see how it will be in the future.»

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