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SLTV Kick-off Season: Lostov beat Amaz

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 Lostov [3-0]  Amaz @bo5

(Druid vs Mage, Warlockv s Mage, Hunter vs Mage)

The first game turned out to be quite interesting, since the result of the game was decided by the top decks.  We cannot forget the moment, when Amaz used spell «Arcane Missiles» and destroyed enemy Dr. Boom, which was on the table with three health points. Having taken the lead over the table, Lostov got “Savage Roar” from the top deck again, and thus made a lethal effect — 1:0.

Having taken a rest for a few minutes, the boys got back to the battle. Alexsey chose Handlock deck, while Amaz continued to play with Tempo Mage. The feature of today’s meeting was card Reversing Switch, which the players got many times. At the end of the game Amaz could take Archmage Antonidas, but on the table of enemy's Handlock there were too many creatures, and he had additional three damage points in the hand. Alexsey ended the game with the shot of Ragnaros into the enemy’s hero — the score was 2:0

In the last game Lostov was playing Hunter, while his rival took Mage again. It seemed as though Amaz made a mistake with choosing a hero, since unsuccessful exchanges and shots by Pyroblast led to him just not having any chance. At one moment many people could think that the game was over, since Alexsey decided to kill Archmage Antonidas, and thus lost five important damage points. But, his rival didn’t get the needed damage — 3:0.

Thus, Lostov has won the first match of the play-off stage and reached the next one, where he will be competing with Firebat on July 7. 

 Alexsey «Lostov» Fursov' comment:

«My rival showed only his Mage deck today. By the way, at the group stage Amaz had Face Hunter deck. You might have noticed, that Mage couldn’t realize himself: the entries were rather heavy, and even Archmage Antonidas with his additional fireballs couldn’t do anything in all three games. Well, the luck was on my side too, since I could get the right cards.»

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