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SLTV Kick-off Season: Lostov will compete with Amaz

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 Lostov vs  Amaz @bo5

30.06, 18:00 CET

Today the play-off stage of the first-ever tournament by SLTV will start up. The player of our team will have to go up against the well-known rival under nickname Amaz. The match will run in a best-of-five format, the winner of which will reach the next stage, where he will be preparing for the game against the winner of pair StrifeCro and Firebat.

It’s noteworthy that Amax takes the 11th place in the Hearthstone European top, having got 88 victories and 66 defeats. It takes only one position from the first place in the Asian rating. According to GosuGamers, Roger is considered as the best player in this region. 

We hope that Alexsey will begin his way in the play-off stage with a victory and “send” one of the favorites of the tournament to the lower bracket. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!