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HR.Dota2 leave Esportal League

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Coverage: Esportal League

 HellRaisers [0:2]  4 Clovers + Lepricon

Today we could see how Andrey «PSM» Dunaev agreed to take the place of our stand-in (!) Ivan «ubah» Kapustin in the very game. Dread and Co. couldn’t make the game up, and only occasionally would get to the fans with moments of the teamplay. Although the rival doesn’t belong to the number of the strongest team in the world, their individual skill doesn’t lose out to our team at all. They could take the first map due to their structured moves. The key fight, which weighed down the balance in a favor of Clovers, happened in the 15th minute. After that their advantage was only growing up; and in the 41th minute, they could finish the first map — 0:1.

The second map was twice faster. Dazzle (the favorite hero of this article’s author) migrated from HellRaisers’ forces to the pick of 4C&L. The teams seemed to be playing at a high, very close to the maximal, level. After First Blood, HR’s rival took the lead over the map. Considering the results of the fights, our boys were even ahead of the game a few times, according to the graphics, but they lost their advantage too fast. 4C&L dotted the game in the 27th minute — 0:2.

 Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko, team’s manager's comment

«These days everything is not going perfect for us. Having hardly taken the decision about the stand-ins for the near couple of tournaments, Ivan «ubah» came out of the action due to the problems in the real life. In general, according to the last days, we need both moral rest from the game and, which is the most important thing, a full squad, which we will be hardly working on, improving it by playing practice matches. And only after a considerable number of days we will demonstrate our game to the large public».

Unfortunately, tournament Esportal League has come to the end for our team. However, many new peaks lie ahead, which HellRaisers are willing to climb on.

Cheer for HellRaisers!