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HellRaisers will compete with 4ASC

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 HellRaisers vs  4ASC @bo3
26.06, 20:00 CET

 HellRaisers: Dread, Afoninje, goddam, standin.ubah, standin.rmN
 4ASC: Trixi, Buugi, Matumbaman, Vaalix, nemphy

“The Lions” continue to participate not in a full squad, and today they have to play against team 4ASC. The match will run within the group stage of the tournament, which we have qualified for. Our team has to play with two stand-ins ubah and rmN again. They showed a good result yesterday though, even regardless of the final defeat in the series. The game will run in a best-of-three format, and we will be able to watch at least two maps of fierce fighting. The winners of today’s meeting will reach the next stage, where they will go up against the winner of the pair of 4C&L and Team Empire. In turn the loser will “fall” into the lower bracket, without having a right to make a mistake. Our team must get two victories to reach the play-off stage. Considering yesterday’s results, it is quite possible. Good luck to HellRaisers and we will hope that Dread and Co. won’t disappoint us. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!