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HR.Dota2 and Cloud 9: The Tense Game

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DotaPit League Season 3

 HellRaisers [1:2]  Cloud 9 

The game with two stand-ins against Cloud 9 ran quite good, in general. Although some small mistakes didn’t let us celebrate the final result, the picture of the game by HR was rather a qualitative one, but still underdone though. rmN and ubah successfully arrived in the team and didn’t spoil the broth. Indeed, the first map is an individual performance of HellRaisers’ stand-in Ivan «ubah» Kapustina. His Huskar played a key role in many game moments. The moves of our boys on this map might be considered as restrained flawless, and the victory in 28 minutes as a really deserved one. 

On the second map Cloud9 made a serious review of their game and could change the tactic. Their pick let them rapidly take the initiative and didn’t let HR’s heroes fulfil their potential. A series of problems were caused to the rival by rmN’s Keeper of the Light, but our boys couldn’t do anything against the pick of "the clouds" — 1:1.

The most interesting Dota, performed by the teams, was at the end of the day. After a small delay the teams got back to the battlefield and showed the 40-minutes play. At the beginning and the middle of that time line, HellRaisers seemed to be more confident. But at the end, Dread and Co. lost the hold of their game thread. Despite of the fact that Afoninje could take the lead, having got the most number of kills, the title “victory” has appeared to the players of Cloud 9 — 2:1.

 Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko, team’s manager, has said: 

«Regardless of the unpleasant final result, we showed not that bad play. Especially, considering that we were playing with two stand-ins. But taken as a whole, the game is unlikely worth to be estimated, since any serious preparations have not been done yet within this experimental roster. But we are going to participate with this evaluations for the upcoming online tournaments — eSportal и SLTV PreSeason».

After this defeat, the participation within DotaPit for our team is over. Onwards there will be many tournaments, where the support of our fans will be needed as never before. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!