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HR match strength with Cloud 9

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Did you miss our doters? Today our boys will take part in their first match with a new roster. They will be facing off against team Cloud 9, the participant of The International 2015.

DotaPit League Season 3, play-off
 HellRaisers vs  Cloud 9 @bo3

 HellRaisers: Dread, Afoninje, goddam, standin.ubah, standin.rmN
 Cloud 9: BidDaddy, EternaLEnVy, b0ne7, FATA-, MiSeRy

DotaPit League Season 3 is one of the longest tournaments of this season. Having started in February, the championship is going on at the end of June. All major online tournaments have already finished, and there are not many LAN ones in the schedule: the teams, which could qualify for TI5, are gradually going into "an ascetic mode", which means that they start an active training for the most important tournament of the year, while participating in the minimum number of championships.

Not so long ago we could see Cloud 9 in ESL One Frankfurt. There BigDaddy and Co. stopped at the quarterfinals stage, having lost to the Chinese from iG. And in general, the team didn’t show good results in this tournament. Two defeats within the very tournament; and no victories during the event is not the result the team was going to Germany for. However, everything is going better online: in May and June the team has played a series of successful meetings, including the games within DotaPit against mousesports. 

Today “the clouds” are to be favorites, since it is difficult to predict how HellRaisers will perform now. There will two stand-ins in our team, ubah and rmN. The boys will play their first official meeting with such a roster, so everything is possible to happen. 

You can watch the first summer game of HellRaisers on our stream, which is in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!