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HR.CSGO leaves SLTV 13 LAN Finals

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One of the most unsuccessful tournaments in team’s history ran this weekend in the capital of Ukraine. On the home field HellRaisers couldn’t show a good play and were defeated five times. On Saturday our boys lost to Na`Vi и Flipsid3. 

 HellRaisers [11:16]  Natus Vincere @overpass

Despite of the fact that there were almost not chances to reach the play-off that moment, the game didn’t lose the matter of principle. The games against the Born to win — it’s always a very difficult challenge; however, our rival rarely feels absolutely confident as well, while fighting with our boys. Having surprisingly chosen de_overpass, instead of de_dust2, Na`Vi started the game rather stumblingly. On the CT side, they, during the long period of time, couldn’t find their game, making both individual and team mistakes. In the first third part of the battle HR used rival’s gaps for their own benefit; due to this they built an advantage of 7 rounds — 8:1. But then Na`Vi rethought what was going on and made the right decision to turn the events around and come back to the game. The first half ended with a score of 9:6 in a favor of HR, and in the second one of the game on the CT side, HellRaisers could take only two rounds — 11:16.

 HellRaisers [9:16]  Flipsid3 @cache

Flipsid3 gained a considerable momentum. In the morning before they beat the French from EnVyUs, thereby they made rival’s life within the tournament in a way harder. In turn, our boys came to this match without any chances for the play-off. However, this meeting was important for our boys as well, since no one wants to end the tournament without any point. After the victory in the first pistol round, B1ad3 and Co. didn’t let our boys come forward not even once.  They couldn’t get an wide margin too though. On the attack side F3 took 9 rounds on de_cache, and, playing on the defense, pushed the matter through — 9:16.

At this point the tournament came to the end for our team. All the necessary information about SLTV StarSeries 13 you can find in our coverage

Cheer for HellRaisers!