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SLTV 13: First Day Results

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The first day of SLTV StarSeries 13 Finals brought the viewers many sensations, hot outcomes and amazing results. Although it certainly was the Black Friday for the fans of HellRaisers, it’s still too early to despair. Under specific conditions our five might be seen in the play-off. More information about the chances of HellRaisers you can find in the preview of the second day at SLTV 13 on our website. 

A little bit more about the meeting our boys have had: 

 HellRaisers [6:16]  Gamers2 @overpass

The morning in Kiev Cyberpost Arena turned out to be hot after the victory of the Bulgarians from GPlay over the favorites of the tournament, EnVyUs. They didn’t stop destroying another favorites at the second match as well. Despite of the roster changing, bookmakers considered HR as the strongest one in that match. It was thought that the home audience and players’ experience should have won the youth and enthusiasm. But in practice it didn’t go so. Our boys were choosing between de_cache and de_overpass stopped at the second one. It’s difficult to think of the question whether the Capitan of the team made the right decision now, but as we saw the Polish five didn’t leave any chances for HellRaisers. Having taken 10 rounds on the defense side, they showed an excellent play on the attack one and ended the game with a score of 16:6. 

 HellRaisers [7:16]  EnVyUs @cache

Without having a break, HR had to face off against miffed EnVyUs. Although the French team had been beaten by “the dark horse” of the tournament, GPlay, just an hour before, they could come down to the game without the underestimating. Happy and Co. did their best for sure, having confidently taken map de_cache. Eduard «SmithZz» Dyubordo was at his best that game; his sniper rifle would stop even the most intricate attacks of HellRaisers. Four rounds on the attack side and three on the defense — a disappointing result for our team. In turn the French team gets three points — 16:7.

 HellRaisers [14:16]  GPlay @inferno

We had to compete with the Bulgarians on de_inferno, though there was a chance to pick de_cobblestone. But our boys decided not to risk and preferred playing on one of the most popular map in modern CS:GO. That very day, the team from Bulgaria had already played on de_inferno: within the dramatic match they had lost to Natus Vincere (after taking 12 rounds on the attack side). The campaign "against illiteracy", that was carried out after the game against the Born-to-Win, helped spyleadeR and Co. with playing on the CT side and taking 12 rounds. Our boys showed the confidence defense as well, but at the match points the rival turned out to be stronger — 14:16.

Tomorrow our team will have to compete with Natus Vincere and Flipsid3. More information about this is available in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!