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HellRaisers and TI5: The Game is over

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Coverage of TI5 EU Qual

 HellRaisers [1:1]  London Conspiracy

The first game ended too fast. HellRaisers did an aggressive pick, tried to implement it and they did win the key fights. Thus the Greeks had to surrender — 1:0 in a favor of HR.  

The second match was important for both teams. A draw would let London Conspiracy to reach the play-off stage. From the first seconds till the 36 minute LC was getting an advantage. And the fight in the Roshan’s pit dotted all the i's. After that HR was trying to square up the score, but they had to put down arms in 44th minute. The game result is 1:1.

 Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko, the team's manager, said:

«Yes, we didn’t do it. Yes, we have done many mistakes, which might be omitted. Sometimes we didn’t have enough patience, sometimes due to the responsibility and failed start in the tournament we were not brave enough to risk. Of course, the guys were frustrated and depressed. I, as a manager, is responsible for the result as well, so I do apologize to each of our fans, to everyone who did support and sincerely worried about our large and friendly family, HellRaisers. But he that never climbed never fell. I believe in our idea and team magic, charm, spirit, metaphysics – whatever you might call it. I’m sure we will learn a lesson from this huge defeat and after that we will move on! We are going to take a break for a few weeks and come back in the middle of June. Onwards we have the final stages of DotaPit and eSportal tournaments. Thanks to the fans for your emotions and support!».

Lion’s performance at European qualification is over. Failures and defeats made stronger though. We certainly expect the victories in the near future. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!