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Coverage: DreamHack Summer 2015 Qualifiers

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The main part of the tournament will take place in Yёncheping from June 13-15. Eight best teams will fight for the prize fund of $40,000. It’s noteworthy that among the current participants of the tournament only the half was invited by the organizers. The rest of the slots will be given to the winners of online and BYOC Qualifiers. 

Eight teams are taking part in the Qualifiers, 4 of them have got the invitations, and the rest four have got through the hard way of the open qualifiers. These teams will face off against each other in single-elimination brackets, where best-of-three format is to be used. The ultimate two games for the places in the tournament will be played in best-of-five format. 

Mappool: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone. de_cache 


Tournament Bracket
  Team Dignitas              

16:8 @inferno
16:8 @cache

  Team Dignitas          

4:16 @inferno
7:16 @cobblestone
11:16 @cache

      Flipsid3 Tactics      

16:7 @cache
9:16 @cobblestone
11:16 @mirage

  Flipsid3 Tactics    
  Flipsid3 Tactics    


  LGB eSports          

12:16 @mirage

16:5 @cache

16:6 @dust 2

  LGB eSports        

 13:16 @overpass

 16:12 @cache

 17:21 @dust2

 16:12 @mirage

 16:7 @inferno

      LGB eSports    

16:5 @cache

11:16 @train

12:16 @overpass




 HellRaisers: ANGE1, Dosia, KucheR, adreN, mou
 Flipsid3 Tacticsmarkeloff, B1ad3, bondik, s1mple, WorldEdit
 Team Dignitas: Pimp, Kjaerbye, aizy, Nico, MSL
 LGB eSports: Polly, jkaem, RUBINO, prb, TBA
 VingerN: twist, pauf, Dumas, BENDJI, zende
 embrace: tease, godlike, darti, atter, decent
 myKPV: deathX, ScrunK, xenn, stfN, Cedii