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Coverage: The International 2015 EU Qualifier

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10 teams have got the right to fight for the place at The International 2015 through the European qualifying rounds. The games are to start today. The final stage of the tournament will take place in Seattle, where only one team from each group can participate. The vice champions will compete for the last slots within Wildcard in Seattle.

Tournament policy

In the European region the teams are divided into two groups, which consist of five more teams. They will have to face off against each other in best-of-two format games. The winner gets three points, while only one point will be given for a draw. Only two teams from each five will go forward to the play-off stage. In the final stage they will play in double elimination system, while in the matches best-of-three format will be used. It’s noteworthy that the leaders of each group will start from the top brackets play-off stage; it means they may lose one game. Two teams that got the second place in the group will fight within the small final of lower brackets’ qualifying. The Final of the European Qualifiers for The International 2015 will be played in best-of-five format. 



Group stage


Group A

# Team G W D L P
1   4 Anchors + Sea Captain 4 2 2 0 8
3   Burden United 4 0 3 1 3
4   Alliance 4 0 3 1 3
4   Power Rangers 4 1 1 2 4
3   Ninjas in Pyjamas 4 1 3 0 6

4 Anchors + Sea Captain [1-1] Alliance 

4 Anchors + Sea Captain [2-0] Power Rangers
4 Anchors + Sea Captain 
[2-0] Burden United
4 Anchors + Sea Captain [1-1] Ninjas in Pyjamas
Burden United [1-1] Ninjas in Pyjamas 
Burden United [1-1] Alliance
Burden United [1-1] Power Rangers
Power Rangers [2-0] Alliance
Power Rangers [0-2] Ninjas in Pyjamas
Ninjas in Pyjamas [1-1] Alliance

Group B

# Team G W D L P
5   HellRaisers 4 0 3 1 3
1   Natus Vincere 3 2 0 1 6
2   Vega Squadron 3 1 1 1 4
2   Yellow Submarine 3 1 1 1 4
2   London Conspiracy 3 1 1 1 4

HellRaisers [1-1] Vega Squadron (review)
[0-2] Natus Vincere (review)
[1-1] Yellow Submarine (review)
HellRaisers [1-1] London Conspiracy (review)

Natus Vincere [0-2] London Conspiracy

Yellow Submarine [2-0] London Conspiracy

Vega Squadron [0-2] Natus Vincere
Vega Squadron [2-0] Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine 
[0-2] Natus Vincere

Game schedule (CET)



 HellRaisers: Artes, Afoninje, Dread, goddam, Gorec
 Natus Vincere: ArtStyle, XBOCT, Dendi, Funn1k, SoNNeikO
 Vega Squadron: No[o]ne, 9pasha, Mag~, CemaTheSlayeR, Solo

 Yellow Submarine: Miposhka, Barash, Dale, PSM, Fervian

 London Conspirasy: Keyser Soze, Madara, SkyLark, SKANKS224, SsaSpartan

 4 Anchors + Sea Captain: MATUMBAMAN, nemphy, Trixi, Vaalix, Buugi
 Burden United: SingSing, Neqroman, PARIS, ComeWithMe, Mynuts
 Alliance: Loda, Pajkatt, AdmiralBulldog, 7ckngMad, Akke
 Power Rangers: Ditya Ra, Sunlight, chshrct, j4, KingR
 Ninjas in Pyjamas: Era, Limmp, jonassomfan, Handsken, Sealkid