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HellRaisers qualified for the Fragbite Masters 4 Final

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Fragbite Masters 4

 HellRaisers [2:1]  nEophyte @bo3

8:16 @mirage, 16:8 @cache, 16:1 @train

The team nEophyte is a familiar face within the European CS:GO scene. However the instability of the team, which isn’t well-known yet, do not let the boys come through to the world top. But anyway nEophyte had come in full force before the game with HellRaisers, having got a victory in the game against Dignitas. 

STYKO and Co started rather good and were going to reach the final. They not always could defend HellRaisers’s attack in the first half, but after the teams switching, nEophyte began to execute almost faultlessly. ANGE1 and Co in their turn didn’t find a good thing going. Thus it led to the defeat with a score of 8:16. 

After the discussions and analysis of opponent’s game style, we could see HellRaisers we are used to. On de_cache the boys were showing a bit more aggressive play on the CT side than usually. The final score might have been even better, but difficulties with getting the 16 round suddenly arose. But after a few lost match points HellRaisers put the lid on the matter and won the game. The score was 16:8. 

De_traine turned out to be an ultimate map. There our boys seemed to be prepared in a way better. They allowed themselves to play rather aggressively on the CT side and took unexpected spots. A quality shooting and micro team play by HR didn’t let the Slovak Five implement any tactics with grenades. Thus nEophyte was smashed up with a score of 16:1.

 Mikhail «Dosia» Stolyarov has commented:

«In fact, one of the reasons of the victory was a right pick. We knew that this team did not play de_train and de_cache. Consequently, we had to play on their best map, where they showed that it wouldn’t be an easy game. But due to our smart pick we did away with them on our two maps.».

We are among the finalists of Fragbite Masters 4. HellRaisers will face off against Na`Vi and TSM. More information might be found here

Cheer for HellRaisers!