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HellRaisers.Dota 2: TI 5 is about to begin

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The last two weeks our boys has spent at the boot camp, where they were getting ready for the main event of the year. It’s high time they should demonstrate their best play.  HellRaisers will face off against the following teams:  Vega Squadron,  Natus Vincere,  Yellow Submarine and  London Conspiracy. The matches will be done in best-of-two format, in which the winner gets 3 points, while a draw gives only 1. 

Only two best teams from each group will qualify for the play-off stage, which has a best-of-three format and double-elimination system. Grand finale in its turn will be played in the best-of-five format.  Every single match is to be important since the places that teams get in their groups are not insignificant as well. The leaders of standings will be placed in the top brackets and the teams located below will play in the small final of the lower brackets

The winner of the Grand Final will get a direct ticket to The International 5, while the losers will have to fight within the Wildcard tournament in the US.