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HellRaisers leads Group B

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SLTV StarSeries 13

 HellRaiers [2:1]  Titan @bo3
16:7 @cache, 10:16 @dust2, 16:12 @mirage

As soon as we started to miss the battles between HR and Titan, their paths are crossed again within SLTV StarSeries 13. This game was to define the team, which would be a leader of the group and would participate in the second group stage. Thus HellRaisers headed the standings.

The meeting against Titan began on de_cache. The HellRaisers’ key to success was a play on the T side. ANGE1 and Co would do many open kills and thus, having an advantage, easily took the rest of the rounds. Titan in their turn relied on the individual skill of each player that might have been a mistake for them. The game ended with a score of 16:7 in a favor of our Five.

Titan's tactical mistakes were fixed on de_dust2. On the CT side Ex6TenZ and Co played flawlessly. Almost all HellRaisers’ ideas were based on Titan’s defense. There were not many clutches in this game, usually Titan got the rounds in the majority. The second half wasn’t better for our team. We lost by a score of 10:16.

De_mirage was bound to decide who would be the winner. This match showed how important every single round is. Firstly, HellRaisers had a 5-point lead on the T side. But suddenly Titan cut the margin. Both teams were doing as well as they could, considering the score of 12:12. But our boys turned out to be stronger. The final score of the game is 16:12. 

 Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev has shared his thoughts:

«It was a lucky day for us. We started well on de_cache, where we were completely controlling the map during the whole match. On de_dust2 we had got some troubles due to opponent’s unexpected aggressive play. Thus we got only 4 rounds that we regarded as a very bad result for this map. Mirage turned out to be rather the uneasy one: though we had a 6-point lead, we lost the initiative. We had to change our defensive tactics all the time, but as you could see they worked. Thanks to everyone, who supported us!»

Our boys placed the highest position in the group and thus they will participate in the second group stage. There the tickets to the LAN Finals will be “raffled”. Only six out of eight participants will get the quotas for finals. More information might be found in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!