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Publiclir.se: Walkover for HellRaisers

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Coverage of CEVO S7

 HellRaisers [2:0]  Publiclir.se @bo2
16:5 @cache, 16:10 @overpass

HellRaisers have played another game within a regular season of the CEVO league. Out opponents were the not well-known Swedish team Publiclir.se, which had played only one draw within the tournament. The team HellRaisers was an obvious favorite, and it has been proved on the battleground. 

For de_cache the Swedes have prepared some interesting tactics, but usually they relied on their shooting as well as ANGE1 and Co. As a result, our boys have got 11 rounds on the CT side. Though it is less than we did in the game against Gamers2, but the in general we are satisfied with the result. The final score of the game is 16:5. 

On de_overpass Publiclir.se played in a way better, despite of the fact that it was HellRaisers’ pick. Zitte and Co. got the right to begin on the CT side, but defending our attacks turned to be a hard mission for them. Most assaults were done to the B plant, and thus 7 rounds were taken by our boys. It’s used to be a good outcome for the T side on this map. After a switching the teams, HellRaisers clearly demonstrated an example of a quality defense. We could win a series of rounds and finished the game with a score of 16:10. 

  Vladyslava Zakhliebina, the team manager, has said:

«The game turned to be easy. Despite of the fact, that de_cache was a pick of the Swedish team, we didn’t find it difficult to get a victory. On the next map, de_overpass, they tried to oppose us, but attempts were in vain. We have taken the needed points. Thanks to everyone for the support!»

The situation is getting better and better for HellRaisers. More information you can find in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!