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HellRaisers beat Gamers2

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Coverage of Acer Predator Masters

 HellRaisers [2:1]  Gamers2 @bo3
8:16 @mirage, 16:3 @train, 16:3 @cache

Analysts have not decided yet what side is considered to be stronger on this map. Every new game is a new story, new statistic, which nonetheless doesn’t show anything concrete. But today those, who tend to talk about imbalance towards CT side, seriously strengthened their position. During 62 rounds, only the 41th became a winning one for Counter-Terrorists. 

The luck was on the Poles’ side, so they won the knife round. Though it wasn’t easy, Gamers2 had got12 rounds against HellRaisers before the teams switched. Our team was  a good opponent, but there were only three cluthes taken by our boys. When HR had changed the side, the situation seemed close to a comeback, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. The game ended with a score of 8:16 in a Gamers2’s favor. 

On two another maps, de_train and _de_cache, it was the team HellRaisers, who showed how to play on the CT side. When they got 12 rounds on both maps, the question about the winner practically disappeared.  The young Polish Five couldn’t reveal a similar confidence and almost without struggling lost to HellRaisers. The score of both mathes is 16:3. 

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow's comment:

«To be honest, on de_mirage our opponents just showed better aim than we did. It might be connected with the bad internet connecting to which we paid attention only at the end of the game.  It is impossible to find out whether it was true or not now, but nonetheless when the server was changed, we rather confidently won the next games».

HR are doing very good at this tournament. More information about Acer Predator Masters you can find in our coverage

Cheer for HellRaisers!