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HellRaisers lost to Na`Vi

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Coverage: Fragbite Masters 4

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Natus Vincere @bo3
11:16 @train, 11:16 @mirage

HellRaisers couldn’t find the right tactic during the important game within FM4. For various reasons, our team wasn’t ready to show a better game. On de_train Na`Vi did get a few important gun rounds on the T side, cleverly found our “gaps” and as a result they won 7 rounds. Playing on the strong side, Na`Vi, relying on their sniper, has brought the game to the victory having a score of 11:16.

On de_mirage there was another situation. HellRaisers, starting on the T side, won 6 rounds that is considered to be a good result in the modern CS GO. However, after the switching the sides, Na`Vi has taken the control over the map. At the end of the game, HellRaisers was about to do a comeback, but unfortunately it didn't happen. The score of the game is 11:16 in a favor of Na`Vi. 

 Mikhail «Dosia» Stolyarov's post match comment:

«We’ve played disgustingly. The silly mistakes were made, and Na`Vi is a kind of team, that never forgets such missteps.».

HellRaisers still has a chance to reach the Lan-Finals. The name of our opponents at the bottom brackets is still unknown, but most likely it will be the Danes from Dignitas. Follow the news through our coverage

Cheer for HellRaisers!