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HellRaisers faces off against Na’Vi and XPC

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Fragbite Masters 4

 HellRaisers vs ​ Natus Vincere @bo3
25.05, 19:00 CET

  HellRaisers: ANGE1, KucheR, Dosia, adreN, mou
  Natus Vincere: Zeus, flamie, seized, Edward, GuаrdiaN

The first game of HellRaisers on Monday, May 25 will be against Natus Vincere. The best-of-three format of this match must please all admirers of nice games. The winner will get the good prize, the access to LAN-finals of the tournament and the opportunity to fight for the main prize of $71,000. We hope that ANGE1 and Co. have thoroughly studied opponents and will be able to show a stunning game today.

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Faceit League Stage 2

 HellRaisers vs ​ XPC @bo3
25.05, 22:00 CET 

  HellRaisers: ANGE1, KucheR, Dosia, adreN, mou
  XPC: starkiller, RealCron, remkez, SEMINTE, r1d3r-

At 22:00 CET HellRaisers will play the first game within Faceit League Stage 2. As well as at the first map, our boys have to play at least two maps against the Romanian team. It’s noteworthy that HellRaisers has got the open invitation to the qualifications, while our opponents had to go through the open one. Will the Romanians demonstrate something interesting against our Five? We will see! 

Championship bracket is available on our website

Cheer for HellRaisers!