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Coverage: Virtus.pro Staff Cup #2

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Virtus.pro Staff Cup #2 is a unique tournament, which is prohibited for the professional players. There will be 32 organizations which are going to fight for the prize fund of $11,000. Firstly, the teams will have to play in GSL system group stage, where best-of-one format is used. After this thorny stage, the boys will take part in playoff competitions, where the same format is used, while in the Finale we will see the best-of-three one. It is noteworthy that all games within Virtus.pro Staff Cup #2 will be held at EU servers. 

Our opponents will be the journalists from SLTV, NiP, and Fnatic. HellRaisers’s staff will have to play against a well-known Swede, whose nickname is cArn, Fnatic’s coach – devilwalk, and of course natu, who is a NiP’s trainer. Our team is going to impress everyone and show a good result. 

Map pool: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone. de_cache

Group stage


Group G

# Team G W L P
    HellRaisers.pro 2 0 0 0
    SLTV.squad 3 2 1 6
    NiP Staff 3 1 2 3
    Fnatic Staff 2 2 0 6


Match schedule

MG1 — SLTV.squad [16-7] NiP Staff

MG2 — HellRasiers.pro [2-16] Fnatic Staff

MG3 — SLTV.squad [11-16] Fnatic Staff

MG4 — HellRaisers.pro [4-16] NiP Staff

MG5 — SLTV.squad [16-12] NiP Staff


 HellRaisers.pro: petr1k, GNR, lmbt, valentiNich, d3v1L

 SLTV.squad: panda, clim, swed, snap, sLR

 NiP Staff: natu, HeatoN, PRIESt, LogaN, Kyan1te, hofven, Tweeday

 Fnatic Staff: cArn, devilwalk, Novante, lnz, alZ, Dare_Dev1L, xen^

Participants of Virtus.pro Staff Cup #2:

Group А Group B Group C Group D
  99dmg.de   RGN.tv   HLTV.org Staff   Trasgo.net
  Arenazero.net   1GAME.ua   Skillz.lv   E-Frag.net
  Hitbox.tv   Vakarm.net   Game Show   Fraglider.pt
 TBA   Virtus.pro Staff   Na'Vi Staff   Gaming.dk
Group E Group F Group G Group H
  Hungarian eSport   SLTV.selectah   NiP Staff   Fragbite.se
  Gfinity   Goodgame.ru   Fnatic Staff   XPC
  Freaks 4U   Flipsid3 Staff   HellRaisers.pro   FACEIT
  Gameplan   SK Gaming Staff   SLTV.squad   Clan Mystic