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Hellraisers is in Fragbite Masters 4 playoff

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Report from Fragbite Masters 4

 HellRaisers [2:1]  Virtus.pro @bo3
16:19 @overpass, 16:9 @train, 16:8 @dust2

The to-playoff-game was really interesting. Opponents were fighting rather for the sake of principle that made the match unforgettable. On the first map, de_overpass, the teams gave the audience overtime rounds. The meeting began with 5:0 in favor of our boys. However, at the end of the game we could see the real comeback by the Poles. At the overtime Neo and Co turned to be stronger, the score was 16:19 in their favor. 

Our buys have already played de_train that evening. Everything went as ANGE1 and Co have planned. They did their best on T side, won 7 rounds. At the first half HR frequently used different new tactics. On CT side they got total domination and let the opponent get only one round. The final score is 16:19.

On the final map, Dust 2, HellRaisers from the begging took the advantage. Series of 6 won rounds in a row were broken because of brilliant clutch by Pasha. But our boys didn’t reduce the speed until the end of the game. Sometimes Virtus.pro did show a phenomenal game (for example sick clutch by Neo in pistol round of the second half), but it was not enough to win. HellRaisers could plan their game and got convincing superiority. The final score is 16:8.

Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev's comment:

«Despite of the fact that we have lost on de_overpass, where we had to get a victory, we still have taken the next match. All three maps we were controlling the map, except for a few rounds 1 vs 3 and 4. Confident game plus trained features = withdraw from the group! Thanks to everyone, who believed in us!»

The group stage has been over for HR. Now we have to wait for the draw of the next stage, the playoff. Follow the tournament through our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!