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SLTV 13: HellRaisers and Titan will meet again

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The next season of Star Series announced recently, 16 teams from all over the world participate there. As it was previously stated, 16 teams will fight in the online stage of the tournament in order to determine six LAN-finalists. The final part of the tournament will hold in KIev Cybersport Arena on June 19-21, where teams will play for a prize pool of $50.000.

In struggle for the prize pool of Start Series 13th season  HellRaisers also participate they placed in the quite simple group. Their opponents are  Titan,  PENTA Sports and  PITER. The system of carrying out of the group stage is GSL, or simply saying double-elimination. Teams will play until two defeats, having a chance to correct their results after first unsucessful game.

Group А Group B Group C Group D
  Natus Vincere   HellRaisers   Team Solomid   Team EnVyUs
  Flipsid3   Titan   GPlay   Team Kinguin
  LDLC White   PENTA Sports   Team Dignitas   ex-CphW
  Inshock   PITER   x6tence   Gamers2


The French team Titan is the strongest opponent for our guys. Remembering last two matches of the teams within ESL ESEA Pro League and CEVO Season 7, we can make a conclusion of quite an equal game. In that «titaneous» day, HellRaisers showed a pretty good game, but conceded in one match with 14-16 score and the second one played resulting a draw. The next opponent in the group — the German team PENTA Sports. Anyway, their last results are better than in the times, when a well-known sniper involved. kRYSTAL continues to take his team to the new level, showing unusual game style against the stars of world CS:GO. The last team in the Group B is PITER. The Russian team, which was capable to show worthy results for short period, continues to please fans of domestic e-Sports. They proved with their own example that it is easy to get on board of e-Sports. Today they are in the list of SLTV StarSeries Season 13 participants.

HellRaisers are still train and watch the demos daily. ANGE1&Co will analyze their errors and play of the opponents in order to make their game better. We hope that in this particular season of Star Series, you will enjoy the successful play of HellRaisers within online-part as well as in the finals afterwards.

Cheer for HellRaisers!