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HellRaisers will play 2 matches at CEVO

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CEVO Season 7

 HellRaisers vs  x6tence @bo2

05.17, 20:00 CET (for Kiev and Moscow +1, for Astana +4)

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, KucheR, Dosia, adreN, mou

 x6tenceMusambaN1, FlipiN, Kairi, Standin.sukitRon, MelsoN

The first match of our team on 17th of May will be game against the Spanish team x6tence. Frankly, results of that team do not impress lately and their performance is quite poor. In the rankings HellRaisers placed higher on one position, having played four games already, three of them ended with 1:1 result. The Spanish team played only twice and took the ninth line, earning a single point. Considering recent results, HellRaisers have to show a good play today and to overplay opponents in order to gain important points, unless MusambaN1 have prepared something original.

More details can be found in our report.

CEVO Season 7

 HellRaisers vs  Property @bo2

05.17, 22:15 CET (for Kiev and Moscow +1, for Astana +4)

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, KucheR, Dosia, adreN, mou

 Propertytwist, berg, schneider, pauf, Zende

After finishing their first match, ANGE1&Co will play one more game, but this time against the Swedes from Property team. The start of the tournament for the Swedish team is still going not so well — they «fell down» to the 11th position and unlikely getting out of there. Only the one game out of four ended for them with a draw result, bringing a single point to their asset. As it is in the first match, HellRaisers are considered as a favorite here. Let’s see what HR and their opponents prepared for us.

You can follow the course of tournament in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!