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HR in the participants’ list of SLTV StarSeries season XIII

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ANGE1&Co will participate in the new season of SLTV StarSeries, the largest tournament ever organized on the post-Soviet territory.

This time StarLadder will appear in the updated and simplified format with a greater prize pool. As usual, 16 teams through the online-part's games will define six finalists, which reveal the champion in the venue of Kiev CyberSport Arena on June, 19-21. The prize pool of the tournament — $50.000.

Six teams-participants of the LAN-finals wil fight for a prize pool of fifty thousand dollars, which will be distributed as follows:
1 place — $22,000
2 place — $12,000
3 place — $7,000
4 place — $4,000
5 place — $2,500
6 place — $2,500

Participants of the 13th season will have to pass two group stages before entering the LAN-finals. For the first time, the group stage will hold with a GSL-system within Star Series. Thus, in order to withdraw the group from the first place,  it is enough for a team to win in the first two matches. Two teams from each group will proceed to the next stage.

List of SLTV StarSeries 13 participants:

  •  HellRaisers
  •  Natus Vincere
  •  Flipsid3 Tactics
  •  PiTER
  •  Gamers2
  •  Inshock
  •  Titan
  •  EnVyUs
  •  Dignitas
  •  Copenhagen Wolves
  •  Team SoloMid
  •  Team Kinguin
  •  Gplay.bg
  •  x6tence
  • +2 TBA

First matches within 3 season of StarSeries will start next Monday. On the weeked the draw of the group stage will take place and there will be formed schedule of the games. Follow the news in order not to miss any match of favorite team.

Cheer for HellRaisers!