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HR.Vladyslava will head the national team of Ukraine on CS:GO

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In the International tournament 78 national team will participate, they will fight for a quite large prize pool of $100,000, considering an unusual format of the competition.

Only 16 best teams out of 78 will proceed to the main round and all the matches will run «offline» since then. LAN-final is scheduled for November 8-11 and it will hold in Belgrad.

Organizers seriously approached the process of national leader selection, several months thoroughly watching the CS:GO-scene. It is worth to note that in some teams chosen luckys are not always captains, but also managers.

We remid you that several years ago, at the time of Counter-Strike 1.6 reigning, the national team of Ukraine was led by  Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, who now is a representative of HellRaisers. In this year  Vladyslava «Vladyslava» Zakhliebina, a manager of  HellRaisers, became a manager of Ukrainian national team and she will certainly invite there not only members of HellRaisers, but also players from  Natus Vincere and  Flipsid3, because the maximum players from one team is limited to three.

Vladyslava will take care of her duties at highest level and will surely select the best team of Ukrainian players, while  hooch will head the national Russian team. A well known  pronax will lead the Swedish team and the manager of the French team will be  Niak — manager of  Titan. Of course, in upcoming competition the audience will enjoy seeing unusual compositions played and supporting their favorite national teams.

The full list of national teams together with captains/managers you can find by this link.

Cheer for HellRaisers!