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HellRaisers are invited to ESWC CIS 2015

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Today organizers of ESWC 2015 well pleased a russian-speaking community of CS:GO. 4 teams received invitations to the final part of the qualifiers in CIS region –  HellRaisers are in that list. Besides our guys  Natus Vincere,  Flipsid3 and  ACES are also invited.

Organizers already formed a group, where will get HellRaisers. In terms of results of the draw, their opponents will be Natus Vincere. Anyway, there 5 teams in the group. The last three places will take the teams, which will pass the regional qualifiers in Russia, Azerbaijan, and Baltics. In the other group will play Flipsid3, ACES, and winners of qualifiers in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

 Группа А  Group B
  Flipsid3   HellRaisers
  ACES   Natus Vincere
Champions of Ukraine Champions of Russia
Champions of Kazakhstan Champions of Azerbaijan
Champions of Belarus Champions of Baltics

In terms of group results teams will proceed into the play-off, where will be found out an owner of the permit to the tournament in Montreal. By the way, teams  fnatic,  Ninjas in Pyjamas,  Team Solomid,  Team EnVyUs already received direct invitations to the final round of the tournament. The main part of the event will run on June 9-12, when teams will fight for the prize pool of $75,000. We would like to remind you that tournament budget includes travel support for the teams, which entered the tournament not by application. HellRaisers will certainly prepare well for that competition and will play at the maximum.

Cheer for HellRaisers!