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Thursday’s summary for HellRaisers.CSGO

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Acer Predator Masters

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Dignitas @bo3
12:16 @cbble, 14:16 @train

Their second game on tournament by Acer, our guys played on experimental maps. Cobblestone very rarely playing by HellRaisers, however this time ANGE1&Co decided to test their strength on that map. The result was not bad: in the most part of the match our guys were leading. But in the ending stage a lack of experience playing for terrorist affected and finally we saw a comeback by the Danes — 12:16.

On de_train affairs went worst, however up to end of the match, the situation equalized. Not many teams are able to show a worthy resistance to HR at de_train lately, but Dignitas, as it appeared, are not shy at all. They confidently spent first half, winning 11 rounds for defense and led the affair till the end after changing of sides — 14:16.

CEVO Season 7

 HellRaisers [1:1]  Gamers2 @bo2
13:16 @overpass, 19:17 @cache

Participants of the second match of the evening decided to cancel “dusts” and “mirages”. The game started after midnight by Kiev time and ended at late night. On two maps we saw a tense struggle and up to the last rounds an intrigue was still in. On de_overpass both teams skillfully searched for holes in opponent’s defense. Even ten won rounds for terrorists was not enough for our guys to win on the map. The Poles were competently building their attacks — 13:16.

On de_cache the game did not oppose to statistics. Both halves ended with 9:6 score in favor of CT and the destiny of the map decided in overtimes. Fortunately, everything went quite lucky for our guys and they proved their advantage on «cache», thus finishing not an easy night with a positive mood — 19:17.

Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow, the captain of HR CS:GO team commented today's matches:

«We played «Cobblestone» first time in a long time, because the practice is needed for that map, sooner or later we will have to add this map to our active mappool. On «train» we just gave out the game, losing three ecos. Generally, I see that we have problems in finishing almost won games. From the other hand, it is very good that we manage to start pretty well almost on all the maps. Tomorrow we will analyze and fix endings of the matches. It is a matter of a psychology and approach, therefore we will have to adjust ourselves to that».

In the nearest several days there no games scheduled for HR CS:GO-division. Guys will finally have some time in order to regain strength and to practice individually. Follow the news on our website in order not to miss the games of your favorite team.

Cheer for HellRaisers!