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HellRaisers vs Titan — results of the evening

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In modern CS:GO it quite rarely happens, when the same teams several times in one day play between each other. Today, we saw an interesting and even unique case: HR and Titan competed on three maps within two tournaments during a night and even many personal matches did not allow to define the strongest.

Report from ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1

 HellRaisers [14:16]  Titan @inferno

Within ESL ESEA Pro League our guys played the third match already. As it was in the match against the French team EnVyUs, HellRaisers showed a qualitative and meaningful play of high level, however the opponent was luckier. de_inferno map, which within Dreamhack France Titans won with a crushing score of 3:16, this time lasted for all 30 rounds. ANGE1&Co won five rounds for attack and after changing of sides almost led the affair to overtimes, but lacked a bit of luck — 14:16.

Report from CEVO Season 7

 HellRaisers [1:1]  Titan @bo2
16:13 @train, 16:19 @cache

Not less interesting and rich was the match between teams within the seventh season of CEVO. The format specialty allowed our guys to cancel inconvenient de_train, and the choice of the French team was de_cache. As it was at Dreamhack Tours, HellRaisers won on «trains». If at that lan the reason of success was a super successful attack, this time our guys could not develop the French plants: Ex6TenZ&Co, as well as HellRaisers made their conclusions after the match at Tours. Finally, it was enough for HR to win in two rounds for CT, the map ended in favor of HellRaisers — 16:13.

On de_cache we saw quite a similar play. It was was not surprising that the match went to overtimes. In the main time, teams, eight times each were successfully finishing rounds for attack, and it confirms that this map one of the most balanced in the game. In additional rounds, the French team successfully played for CT, winning all three rounds until the changing of sides. Our guys have had all chances for repeting their success, however KennyS&Co put the final point in the match, winning the clutch of 3 in 2 at «B» point — 16:19.

Comments of  Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev:

«Today was not the best our day, because we lost on our strongest maps. It was good that de_train did not fail us. We were losing silly, I think that our late arrival from France affected. The concentration was not at our maximum. But we just started to gain our gaming shape, therefore we will need some time in order to create a confidence reserve for ourselves. Thanks for your support!»

Tomorrow the next match is already awaiting for our guys. HellRaisers will play against the Polish team Gamers2 around a midnight. Follow the news.

Cheer for HellRaisers!