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HR.CSGO — the broze medalist of DH France

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Report from DH France

 HellRaisers [1:2]  fnatic
19:16 @inferno, 2:16 @overpass, 6:16 @dust2

The match against fnatic became extremely interesting. The first map especially pleased us, HellRaisers won it, showing incredible action in attack. The things that did not work against Titan yesterday, very well worked today against fnatic. Nevertheless, the Swedish team managed to stretch the game to overtimes, having won the round at matchpoint. But in overtimes ANGE1&Co played excellently, winning two rounds for attacking and defending sides.

At de_overpass and de_dust2 HellRaisers suffered hard times. In the most of cases it was due to fnatic efforts, but HellRaisers had some errors either. However, without a doubt, upon their arrival home, our team will analyze every error and will play much better on the next tournaments.

Losing in the semi-finals — that’s how Dreamhack Tours 2015 ended for HellRaisers. After returning to Kev, our team will continue to participate in many online tournaments, practice and prepare for future challenges.

Prize pool distribution:

1st place — $20,000 ( fnatic)

2nd place — $6,000 ( EnVyUs)

3-4th place — $3,000 ( HellRaisers,  Dignitas)

5-8th place — $2,000 ( Flipsid3,  Titan,  LDLC White,  Awsomniac)

Thank you for your weekend support, go on to cheer for HellRaisers!