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DreamHack Tours 2015 — report

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It will be the first time for Cyber Sport festival with a twelve-year history to be «landed» in France, more precisely in the city of Tours. Among other events within this major, a CS:GO-tournament will take place, where besides many top-teams of the Europe we will see HellRaisers.

A permit to fight at French lan our guys received in tense struggle for quota at qualifier. More details on how it went, we already mentioned on the pages of our internet-resource.


Eight teams were divided on two quartets. Within the groups matches will be played with GSL-system, which reminds Double Elimination bracket, and the format will be bo1. Play-off will run with Single Elimination system bo3, only two the strongest teams from each group will proceed.

The distribution of the prize fund​:

1st place — $20,000 ( fnatic)

2nd place — $6,000 ( EnVyUs)

3-4th place — $3,000 ( HellRaisers,  Dignitas)

5-8th place — $2,000 ( Flipsid3,  Titan,  LDLC White,  Awsomniac)

Map pool: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone, de_cache



time is CET (for Kyiv and Моscow +1 час, for Аlmaty +4 hours)

 19:16 @inferno
 2:16 @overpass
 6:16 @dust2
 7:16 @dust2
 16:10 @mirage
 16:5 @cache

 16:10 @cache
 19:17 @dust2



Group В

М Team G W L P
2   HellRaisers 3 2 1 6
1   EnVyUs 2 2 0 6
3   Titan 2 1 2 3
4   LDLC White 2 0 2 0

time is CET (for Kyiv and Моscow +1 час, for Аlmaty +4 hours)

 HellRaisers [3:16]  Titan @inferno
 EnVyUs [25:22]  LDLC White @inferno

 HellRaisers [16:14]  LDLC White @cache
 Titan [9:16]  EnVyUs @cache

 HellRaisers [16:10]  Titan @train

Group А

М Team G W L P
1   Fnatic 2 2 0 6
3   Flipsid3 3 1 2 3
2   Dignitas 3 2 1 6
4   Awsomniac 2 0 2 0

time is CET (for Kyiv and Моscow +1 час, for Аlmaty +4 hours)

 Dignitas [19:17]  Flipsid3 Tactics @mirage
 Fnatic [16:5]  Awsomniac @mirage

 Flipsid3 Tactics [16:6]  Awsomniac @cobblestone
 Dignitas [12:16]  Fnatic @cache

 Flipsid3 Tactics [4:16]  Dignitas @mirage



Content from France




Teams` squad:

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, KucheR, Dosia, adreN, mou
 EnVyUs: NBK, shox, kioShiMa, SmithZz, Happy
 Titan: RpK, KennyS, Ex6TenZ, Maniac, apEX
 LDLC White: mathEND, bodyy, Fuks, to1nou, DEVIL 

 Fnatic: olofm, KRiMZ, flusha, pronax, JW
 Flipsid3: B1ad3, bondik, markeloff, WorldEdit, s1mple
 Team Dignitas: pimp, Kjaerbye, aizy, Nico, MSL
 Awsomniac: thyx, remakz, knukk, Kan4, arK94