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Thursday’s summary for HellRaisers.CSGO

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The day began with a win over LGB eSports, you can read about that in our review.

Report from ESL ESEA Pro League

 HellRaisers [12:16]  mousesports @dust2

Their second match within tournament on CS:GO with the largest prize pool in the history, our guys played against mousesports. Previous rosters of «mouses» played on de_dust2 very well. Each player of the German team played excellent individually, however to stop AdreN, who caught courage in the first half, even them were not always capable to. After ten rounds taken for attack, HellRaisers, seemingly gained good momentum and had to increase an advantage, however mousesports shocked our guys with eleven won rounds for terrorists in the second half of the match.

Total score in the match — 12:16 in favor of mousesports.

Report from CEVO Season 7

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Virtus.pro @bo2
11:16 @train, 4:16 @mirage

On de_train map HR and Virtus.pro both demonstrated an excellent defense in the beginning of the half, however at the end were losing the control over situation. Thus «Bears» lost four rounds, while our guys – five. The Polish attacks more often reached the goals and HR finally conceded — 11:16.

On de_mirage the Polish team excellently played for terrorists, though they lost in anti-eco after taken pistol round. Finally, they won in elven rounds of the first half. ANGE1&Co did not manage to play so well and a defeat is fixed by the score — 4:16.

Vladislava Zakhlebina comments today's games:

«Very strange night. In anticipation of our flight to France to Dreamhack we had a clearly planned schedule of practicing for a day, but everything went wrong from the beginning. In order to start the game against mouz, we had to wait for one hour and a half and were not positively sure to start playing at all. After several hours we will depart to France, where we are planning to please you with victories!».

In order not to miss future matches of HR within different tournaments, follow the news on our website. Nearest matches of HellRaisers scheduled for May, 9 and will run within French lan-tournament Dreamhack Tours 2015. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!