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HellRaisers are invited to qualify for TI5

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This night VALVE Company announced a list of all the teams, which received a direct invitation for major tournament of the year — The International 2015. HellRaisers are not in the list of lucky, however our team together with eight other collectives were invited to closed qualifier for the European region, the winner there will play at TI2015.

  HellRaisers   Vega
  Natus Vincere   Burden United
  Power Rangers   London Conspiracy
  Ninjas in Pyjamas   The Alliance
  4 ASC  TBD


The European qualifier will take place from May, 29 till June, 1. The best team in terms of qualifier results receives a slot for the TI5, and teams which take 2-5 places will go to America in order to fight teams from other regions in Wild Card tournament for last two slots.

Follow the news and we will certainly inform you about all details of upcoming qualifier.

Cheer for HellRaisers!