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HellRaisers.Dota withdraw from Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015

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Tournament in Santa Monica came to its final stage. Two finalists were determined during two days, the destiny of the winner will be determined by them in Los Angeles on May, 10. Finalist are Team Secret and Invictus Gaming. HellRaisers showed a worthy resistance and a nice and original Dota, however many reasons did not allow HellRaisers to play at maximum. Nevertheless, guys gained a valuable experience, which will be useful in the future.

Report from Red Bull Batlle Grounds 2015

 HellRaisers [0:1]  Invictus Gaming

The second gaming day our guys started with two lives in asset. Chinese from iG had the right the first to challenge any team. Their choice was Team Secret, however prudent Puppey&Co decided to use a single opportunity to refuse playing the match. Thus HR once again faced the grandees of Chinese Dota.

As it was in the first match of these teams within Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015, iG were considered as favorites and showed a worthy game. Starting five minutes of the match HellRaisers looked well, however after first serious fights Invictus went ahead. They increased their advantage in approximately 15k of gold and exp, but several won fights by our guys returned intrigue into the game on 40th minute. Not for long. IG gathered together and rapidly finished the game.

 HellRaisers [0:1]  Team Malaysia

HellRaisers won over the Malays yesterday, however today everything went by another scenario, From the beginning nothing was telling about the trouble: at the start HellRasers won completely until a failure in the fight happened on 15th minute. After that accident the game was quite straight until 39th minute. MY come to our highround through the mid-line, but HR in reply break the hard line of the enemy due to pair of IO + Tiny.

The last stage of the game started with skirmishes on the light line that Malays tried to push. HellRaisers gave a confident resistance, but that fight was the last positive moment for our guys on the tournament. Further followed series of unsuccessful skirmishes one after onother, which forced HR to type «GG», thus to say good bye to the tournament.

The final tournament table and prize pool distribution:

 Team  Ammount of money  Lives left  Wins
  HellRaisers $8,770   2
  Team Secret $8,770 XXX 2
  Team Malaysia $10,655   3
  Invictus Gaming $8,770 XXX 2
  Summer`s Rift $5,000   0


Comments of HR.Dota2 manager, Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko:

«All the matches of our team were dynamic and spectacular. We accepted any challenges and even with a replacement played a worthy game. Guys were not afraid to experiment and always tried to impose «own game» to the opponent. Despite the unacceptable result, I am satisfied with the players dedication. A several days for the rest ahead and after that, we, with fresh mind will start preparations of our main roster to the European qualifier for The International 5».

Team Secret and Invictus Gaming became participants of the finals. They will play in Los Angeles on May, 10. More details regarding the tournament – in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!