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HellRaisers.CS:GO: summary for May, 6

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Report from GO: Champions League Season 1

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Natus Vincere
6:16 @overpass, 13:16 @dust2

On the first map, de_overpass, ANGE1&Co faced an excellent defense «born to win». Na’Vi players by some incredible way «sorted out» the first pistol round, winning in 2 vs 5 situation. Further Na`Vi’s defense looked more than convincible. From time to time HellRaisers found some weakness at the opponents’ redoubts, however after changing of sides could not show such a cooperation. Na’Vi celebrate victory on the first map — 16:6.

De_dust2 is considered one of the strongest and even the strongest map for each team. As a result we saw a high quality game. HellRaisers went ahead in defense with 9:0 score, however in each played round there were a minimum of HR players left. That affected after the first loss: the economy of HellRaisers broke down, Na`Vi won 6 rounds in a row and that helped opponents in the second half, where they showed a more steady defense, thus achieved a victory in the end — 13:16.

Mikhail «Dosia» Stolyarov shared a word about that match:

«We lost Na`Vi’s pick, they won a pistol round  5 in 2. We were obliged to impose the struggle after that. We were winning 9:0 in defense, but with a hard economy. Finally, we finished well playing for side and took a pistol round, but again could not impose a struggle, because we had lack of practice on that map, we gave out key clutches.»

Report from Fragbite Masters Season 4

 HellRaisers [2:1]  Titan
16:14 @cache, 16:19 @train, 16:14 @dust2

Titan and HellRaisers chose very interesting maps to sort out relations. If hhe pick of French team was quite obvious, HellRaisers surprised by choosing de_train. On the first map, de_cache, we saw an equal game, teams in turn won the rounds and none could not create a reserve. Everything changed in the second half, which started with 8:7 score in advantage of HR, however it is memorized by a confident start of the French team. Losing 8:12 and 9:13, ANGE1&Co showed character, organizing a whole series of successful rounds. Final score of the map — 16:14 in favor of HellRaisers!

de_train became a trump ace for HR in this confrontation. We saw this map first time played by HellRaisers in official match. As it turned out, this map was highly practiced not only by our guys, but also by Titan. For now teams have not got accustomed to play for terrorists, therefore took not so many rounds. In the main time, teams only four times saw in the end inscription of «Terrorists win». At additional time Ex6TenZ&Co managed to win rounds for attack and due to that turned the match into the third map — 16:19.

A decisive map in confrontation against Titan conflict moders understanding of CS:GO. HellRaisers, started for terrorists, won 13 rounds, though CT side considered as the strongest one. However, the easy victory did not happen. Titan appeared to be capable the same reply and almost led the match to overtimes. At 15:14 score in favor of HR, Ex6Tenz, the captain of Titan, left alone in situation 1 in 5 and won due to the fact that all players of HellRaisers were lagging. However, the French team acted nobly and acknowledge their defeat. Big respect to them for that.

Rustem «mou» Telepov comments:

«We saw a cool drama on all three maps, but today we were a bit stronger. Thnks to Titan for undestanding, because in 5 vs 1 situation our Internet lagged. They humbled themselves and actually gave us the victory.»

HellRaisers will continue participating in Fragbite Masters, the next opponent is the Polish team Virtus.pro. Details in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!