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Wednesday’s matches preview for HellRaisers CS:GO

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Report from GO: Champions League

 HellRaisers vs  Natus Vincere @bo2
05.06, 18:00 CET (+1 for Kiev and Moscow, +4 for Almaty)

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, Dosia, KucheR, adreN, mou
 Natus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, GuardiaN, seized, flamie

After yesterday’s win over Flipsid3 at GO:CL (more details about that match you can read in our review) HellRaisers will play one more match at the Champion’s League. This time the opponent will be one more team from CIS — Natus Vincere.

Considering the plan of tournament performance, this particular match is very important for both teams. Only six teams enter play-offs of the tournament, therefore as higher place is taken in the group stage, the position in the second stage will be more convenient.

In case we analyze two last matches between teams, there Natus Vincere celebrated victory twice, but anyway the struggle was very hard in both matches. So, we are awaiting for a super-match for sure.

The stream of the game and other useful information can be found in our report.

Report from Fragbite Masters 4

 HellRaisers vs  Titan @bo3
05.06, 21:00 CET (+1 for Kiev and Moscow, +4 for Almaty)

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, Dosia, KucheR, adreN, mou
 Titan: Ex6TenZ, kennyS, apEX, Maniac, RpK

The second match in today’s gaming day not less important than the first one. The first opponent in the fourth season of Fragbite Masters for HellRaisers will be Freanch team Titan.

As it is in the match against Natus Vincere, in the game against Titan, Rustem «mou» Telepov will play together with guys from bootcamp, which goes in Kiev, in CyberSport Arena. This means that there will not be any problem with ping at our sniper and he will have the opportunity to present himself as one of the best AWP players for today. So, besides the match itself we are awaiting for a sniper team duel: mou vs kennyS.

The tournament bracket and other information regarding the tournament you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!