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HellRaisers at Red Bull Battle Grounds: first day results

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Although with a one hour pause, but the tournament in Santa Monica started anyway. Through the whole night five teams pleased us with highest class Dota with a newest patch. In most of the matches we saw an aggressive play with a large number of fights.

Results of first gaming day:

Team Malaysia [1:0] Summer's Rift @bo1

Invictus Gaming [1:0] HellRaisers @bo1

HellRaisers [1:0] Team Malaysia @bo1

Team Secret [1:0] Team Malaysia @bo1

Summer’s Rift [0:1] HellRaisers @bo1
Team Malaysia [1:0] Summer`s Rift @bo1

 Invictus Gaming [1:0]  HellRaisers

Dread, accepting the challenge of the Chinese team, in response invited ChuaN to play a game in ping pong, however that destined to happen only after the match in tournament conditions. The bet on Shadow Fiend and Phantom Lancer of HellRaises did not work, while the Chinese idea led by Gyrocopter showed itself at its glory. Aggressivenes from the first minutes — that is how to win with a new patch. Our guys decided to play with a proven pick and were defeated, losing advantage before the appearance of standing artifacts, IG attacked competently, always stayed together and thought out every step, not giving a chance to «lions» for a comeback.

 HellRaisers [1:0]  Team Malaysia

After having a discussion our guys decided to test the Malaysian style of play in opposite to the fact that most of the fans were awaiting to see guys from Summer's Rift as an opponent. But the choice was correct.  An interesting pick from our guys of Ursa, Pugna and Undying, could not be guessed by MY. There were a lot of fights and minimum farming. An excellent game goddam played on Rubick and Dread was great on Ursa. Team’s cooperation, competent movements and right decisions allowed HellRaisers to win.

 Summers`s Rift [0:1]  HellRaisers

Despite that Americans chose HellRaisers, «lions» did not use their only opportunity to refuse and accepted the challenge. From the beginning of the game, HellRaisers started to gain advantage. Unlike all previous games, this was the longest with a little number of kills. In despite of that fact, HR had an advantage during the whole confrontation, which has been successfully implemented after sixty minutes. Finally, HellRaisers became the only team, which won over the challenging collective.

At the moment the ranking situation looks as follows:

 Team  Money ammount  Lives left  Wins
  HellRaisers $8,770 XX 2
  Team Secret $6,885 XXX 1
  Team Malaysia $8,770 X 2
  Invictus Gaming $6,885 XXX 1
  Summer`s Rift $5,000    


Tomorrow, HellRaisers will continue their way to Los Angeles' final. Who will be a barrier on their road is still unknown. We offer you the schedule for the second gaming day. Our report will help you to be informed about the turn of events.

(time mentioned as СЕТ, for Kiev and Moscow +1 hour, for Astana +4 hours)

21:00, 05.06 Invictus Gaming vs TBD @bo1

22:30, 05.06 — HellRaisers vs TBD @bo1

00:00, 05.07— Team Secret vs TBD @bo1
01:30, 06.07 — Team Malaysia vs TBD @bo1

Cheer for HellRaisers!