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HellRaisers were stronger than Flipsid3…

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Report from GO: Champions League Season 1

 HellRaisers [2:0]  Flipsid3 @bo2
16:13 @nuke, 16:14 @overpass

Derby of teams from CIS was very tense. On all the maps we saw a real struggle and the winner was determined by 1-2 key rounds. The attacking potential of both teams revealed in all its glory.

On de_nuke map our played an excellent pistol round and competently, though not without problems, were able to neutralize the enemy on the eco-rounds. Moreover, on the most disbalanced map of modern CS:GO (by this particular reason we rarely see de_nuke in official matches) HellRaisers were capable to reach the goal several times in the first part of the match, finishing it with five rounds in the asset. This gave a needed reserve, which HellRaisers were able to transform into the won map after changing of sides — 16:13.

On de_overpass we saw a confrontation of the team captains, who very often destroyed enemy defending redoubts. Beginning for terrorists again, HR won elven rounds out of fifteen: more than a pleasing score. For many teams it would mean an end of the fight, however B1ad3&Co managed not only to return the intrigue into the game, but also to lead the match close to overtimes. However in the last round, having enough money only for pistols and armor, HellRaisers win — 16:14.

Comments of Emil «kUcheR» Akhundov:

«de_nuke map was played probably the last time, most likely we will not see that map soon. We took quite many rounds for the attack and calmly led the match to victory. Regarding the second map… yesterday we prepared de_overpass to the match against EnVyUs. Although we might give out the game, winning many rounds for attack, we concentrated on final rounds and pushed the opponent until the end.».

Our guys have three games left at GO:CL, the nearest one is tommorrow against Natus Vincere. Follow the events in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!