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HR.CSGO: results of Monday

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The start of the week at HellRaisers was marked by beginning their performance on two online tournaments — CEVO Season 7 and ESL ESEA Pro League Europe. You can find out below the details regarding the debute of our guys.

Report from с CEVO Season 7

 HellRaisers [1:1]  LGB eSports @bo2
(17:19 @mirage, 16:11 @cache)

Just a couple minutes before the match started, the Norwegian team announced that 'rain' officially withdraws the team. This Norwegian considered as the strongest one in the team for quite a long time and now the analysis of situation tells us, that he will be a part of SK Gaming.

Anyway, guys from LGB looked worthy even without their leader. On the first map, de_mirage, the Scandinavians very confidently acted in defense, forming quite a decent reserve after winning pistol round. HellRaisers won rounds hardly, generally due to the individual actions of players. So, up to the end of the first half HR won four rounds and it was enough to successfully recoup for the stronger side. Game came to overtime, where LGB were stronger — 17:19.

On the second map, which chose the Norwegian team, HellRaisers started for counter-terrorists. de_cache becomes more balanced lately, therefore teams, which prepared their actions in attack, often win many rounds. Here ANGE1&Cо won due to good tactics for attack: their style was not convenient for LGB, all the time giving a chance for HellRaisers, and they used it. The result — 16:11 and 1:1 in terms of the maps. Draw.

Report from ESL ESEA Pro League Europe

 HellRaisers [14:16]  EnVyUs @overpass

Our guys started their way at half-a-million-dollars tournament with the game against one of the favorites — French EnVyUs. This team returned home from lan-finals of FACEIT, therefore they were far from their best conditions. The choice of the map was convenient for the French team, however our guys gave a serious fight to shox'у&Cо.

For a defense affairs went not quite well: teams won rounds by little series and sometimes even winning in turn, destroying economy of each other. EnVyUs by individual actions often trapped HellRaisers, but our guys were winning due to micro-teamplay and actions in clutch situations. However, it was not enough to win or to drive the game to overtimes. EnVyUs pushed HellRaisers till the end — 14:16.

This is only the first half of confrontation. In the future we will see matches against these teams within ESL ESEA Pro League. Follow the news regarding that tournament in our report.

We asked our guys to comment today’s matches.  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow tells about the first match:

«The game against EnVyUs was our priority for today, and, frankly, we have not paid much attention to preparations of the maps, which were played against LGB. It is a pity that we lost a game thread on de_mirage during overtime, but after warming up, getting calmly, won the second map».

Regarding the second match tell us  Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev:

«I think that against EnVyUs we played well, but we lost some clutches and two pistol rounds. By my opinion, a long break in official games affected. We also do not have to forget the fact that EnVy is not an easy opponent»

Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow a lot of matches with participation of HellRaisers is awaiting for us. Follow the turn of events and do not miss any matches of your favorite team.

Cheer for HellRaisers!