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Lan-final of Red Bull Batlle Grounds starts tonight

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Last month HellRaisers.Dota 2 won a slot for Red Bull Battle Ground 2015 lan-final, more details on it you can find in our review. Besides HellRaisers in Santa Monica qualified: Team Secret (European qualifier), Team Malaysia (the best Asian team), Invictus Gaming (winners of Chinese qualifiers), Summer`s Rift (the strongest in American division). 

The first part of the final, which will run on May, 5-6 will be in the Red Bull Studio, which situated in Santa Monica, USA. Teams will play there with a new and unique for eSports system. Each team has three «lives» and three chances for loss. The first two pairs will be defined randomly. Team-loser chooses the next opponent for play. So, it is almost impossible to predict which team would play against our guys. Matches will last until two teams left, which will play in the second part of the lan-final.

The last stage of Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015 will run in The Warfield Theatre, placed in Los Angeles (USA) on May, 10, where teams will fight in the Grand Final with best-of-3 format.

HellRaisers came to the Red Bull tournament with a forced replacement. Carrie of the team — Artem «ARTES» Gorobey did not manage to fly with the team to US. The German player, Roman «rmN» Paley, kindly agreed to help us. More details on replacement together with comments of team manager,  Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko, you can find in our announcement.

Opponents of HellRaisers at Battle Grounds 2015:

 Team Secret: Arteezy, Puppey, KuroKy, s4, zai

The European team, which was created after the finish of The Interntaional 4, consists of players from such teams as: Natus Vincere, Fnatic and The Alliance. In winter the team experienced a double replacement in the roster, which did not affect the gaming shape of the team. «Secret team» can be considered as a main applicant for direct invitation to the tournament of 2015 — The International 5, because Team Secret was the best at Dota Pit League Season 2 and XMG Captains Draft 2.0, took «silver» at the tenth season of SLTV Star Series, were the third at Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 and The Summit 2. The most unsuccessful tournament for Arteezy&Co was recently finished «StartLadder», where the team was at 7-8 place. But despite all that Team Secret still considered as a favorite of the tournament.

 Team Malaysia: Mushi, Ohaiyo, kYxY, JoHnNy, Keciklmba 

Mushi and kYxY gathered the best players from Malaysia and were signed by EHOME. Under a tag of the organization, team could not show any good result. Finally, on March, 26, EHOME cancels the contract, but guys did not run away in different directions and created Team Malaysia. And it helped the team, because the result rapidly appeared. As a proof — 5-6 place at SLTV Star Series Season 12, where kYxY&Co knocked out mentioned above Team Secret. 

 Invictus Gaming: Chuan, Ferarri_430, BurNing, Luo, faith 

It is difficult to say something concrete about iG. From the one hand, guys took the second place at lan-finals of SLTV StarSeries Season 12, but besides this silver, the team did not achieve anything. In addition, the patch 6.84 has to affect the team’s play and all the entire Chinese division, because the last update of Dota 2 considers an early aggression, which is hardly resisted, giving hard times achieving of a comeback.

 Summer`s Rift: DeMoN, Brax, BananaSlamJamma, whiteBeard, Standin.ixmike88

Americans… Though it is a «home» team, but it is considered as an outsider. Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015 for BananaSlamJamma is a first lan-event in the career. As well as HellRaisers, Summer`s Rift will play with a replacement at the tournament. Instead of miraclechipmunk will play ixmike88 for the Americans, who will rather reinforce the team. Despite mentioned above, we cannot write them off, because any team can surprise in any moment.

It is worth to note that Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015 will be the second major lan-final (after ASUS Play it Cool) using the 6.84 patch. It will be interesting to watch new strategies, linings, using of new items etc.

More details you can find in our report, where we will put the exact time of every match, the stream of the game and other. Follow the news. We will keep you informed about the turn of events.

Cheer for HellRaisers!