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Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015 — report

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Five the strongest teams of the planet, which were determined in regionla qualifiers will face each other in Santa-Monica to sort out relations. In terms of results of two-weeks tournament, two the best teams will receive a permit to play in the final part of American event in Los Angeles, on May, 10.

To  the transatlantic tournament HellRaisers went with a forced replacement in roster: instead of ARTES we will see the German player from Goomba team – rmN. More details about this matter you can find on the pages of our website.


Each team has three «lives» and three chances for loss. Teams are picking opponents for their games one by one in next order: first — Team Malaysia, the second Invictus Gaming, third HellRaisers, fourth Team Secret and fifth Summer's Rift. The team, which loses, chooses their next oponent. All matches are bo1. Games are played until only two the strongest teams left.




 Команда  К-во денег  Осталось жизней  Победы
  HellRaisers $8,770   2
  Team Secret $8,770 XXX 2
  Team Malaysia $10,655   3
  Invictus Gaming $8,770 XXX 2
  Summer`s Rift $5,000   0


Amount of Money — for every single win team earn $1,500 + 3% of crowdfunding. Also easc team receives $5,000 for win on qualification.

time is CET (+1 for Kiev and Moscow, +4 for Almaty)

Invictus Gaming [1:0] HellRaisers

HellRaisers [0:1] Team Malaysia

Team Secret [1:0] Team Malaysia

Team Malaysia [1:0] Summer's Rift 
Invictus Gaming [1:0] HellRaisers 

HellRaisers [1:0] Team Malaysia 

Team Secret [1:0] Team Malaysia

Summer’s Rift [0:1] HellRaisers
Team Malaysia [1:0] Summer`s Rift

Teams' rosters: 

 HellRaisers: Standin.rmN, gorec, goddam, Dread, Afoninje
 Team Secret: Arteezy, Puppey, KuroKy, s4, zai
 Team Malaysia: Mushi, Ohaiyo, kYxY, JoHnNy, Keciklmba 
 Invictus Gaming: Chuan, Ferarri_430, BurNing, Luo, faith
 Summer`s Rift: Demon, Brax, BananaSlamJamma, WhiteBeard, Standin.ixmike88