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Format of ESL ESEA Pro League announced

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Recently we already have informed you that our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team was invited to ESL ESEA Pro League, and today became known the carrying out system for tournament together with the schedule for it.

All twelve teams are in the same common group, where they will play with circular system and the format of each match will be best-of-2. Four the best teams will proceed to lan-final, which will hold in Los-Angeles and in Cologne, where they will face the strongest teams from American division.

Dates&time for online part:

 Week  Gaming days  Time (CET)
  May 4-10  Fri-Thu  19:00
  May 11-17  Mon-Wed  19:00
  May 18-24  Mon-Thu + Sat-Sun  19:00
  May 25-31  Mon-Thu + Sat-Sun  19:00
 June 1-7  Mon-Wed  19:00
 June 8-14  Mon-Thu  19:00
 June 15-21  Mon-Thu + Sat-Sun  19:00 + Sat and Sun 17:00
 June 22-28  Monday  19:00


Cheer for HellRaisers!