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HellRaisers vs Tinker: match preview

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DreamLeague Season 3 Qual. #4

 HellRaisers vs  Team Tinker
April,30, 21:00 CET (+1 for Kiev and Moscow, +4 for Almaty)

 HellRaisers: gorec, ARTES, goddam, Dread, Afoninje
 Team Tinker: Bulba, qojqva, waytosexy, pieliedie, Black

After yesterday's hard victory over Chappa,(more details you can get in our review), today our guys will play against the European collective Team Tinker.

It is hard to say in which gaming shape our opponent is. At last weeked Tinkers took fourth place at lan-finals of SLTV Star Series twelfth season, which took place in Bukharest, but yesterday Black&Co could not proceed in qualifier for RedBull Battle Grounds 2015, losing two matches out of two and finishing at the last place.

The last match of teams was on March, 12 within first season of joinDOTA MLG Pro League EU, then teams could not define the best. This particular match is an excellent opportunity to finally define who is the best and also to proceed into the final of the qualifier. So, today your support for our «lions» is very important!

Do not miss! Today, on April,30, at 21:00 CET (for Kiev and Moscow +1, for Almaty +4) match between HellRaisers and Team Tinker within semi-finals of last qualifier for DreamLeague Season 3. The qualifier ranking together with game stream you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!