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HellRaisers — winners of qualifier for Dreamhack Tours 2015

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 HellRaisers [3:0]  k1ck @bo5
(16:11 @inferno, 16:8 @dust2, 16:8 @mirage)

The Portuguese from k1ck were the last barrier for our guys on the road to the tournament on CS:GO, which will be held in the French town Tours in the beginning of May. Before the game, both teams were adjusted for victory, however bookmakers gave preference to HellRaisers.

As it happened as it was expected. On de_inferno the Portuguese managed to organize serious resistance. Due to the win in the pistol round fox&Co started confidently, however, beginning the first arms round, gave all the advantage to hands of our guys. It transformed in 10 taken round for terrorists. Despite quite good attack of k1ck, HellRaisers put an end to it — 16:11.

At de_dust2 the Portuguese made their name a long time ago. Even in the darkest hours these guys managed to overplay favorites on the most popular map in CS:GO. But HR were ready for tactical delicacies of the opponent, especially acting for terrorists — 16:8.

The third map of the match, de_mirage, considered as a profitable for HellRaisers. The Lisbonians actually did not have practice on this map within official games. If for defense they quite well coped with HellRaisers, for a weaker side the guys lacked some homemade ideas. HR win! 16:8.

 Captain of team HellRaisers  Kirill «ANGE1»    Karasiev's comment:

«An excellent game. It is very good that we are gaining momentum from match to match. We have a lot of work ahead and we will surely do it. Regarding this particular match: it felt that we control the course of the game and in a special moment we would come together to gain needed rounds. The game became complicated by the reason of high ping of our newcomer, but it rather gave us more courage and made us playing more concentrated».

From May 8 to May 10 in Tours (France) will be held the Dreamhack Tours 2015. Besides HellRaisers, we will see there Titan, EnVyUs, fnatic, Dignitas and Flipsid3 team. Last two participants of the tournament will be known after open lan-qualifiers at the venue.

Cheer for HellRaisers!