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ARTES: «We managed to tune up the whole team for the one wave»

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Artem «ARTES» Gorobey, a carrie of our team on Defence of the Ancients 2, answered several questions, while the team is still angaged in making visas to USA for lan-finals of Red Bull Battle Grounds.

What is mood inside the team for now? Recently you won qualifiers for the Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015. Was it easy? What do you remember from there?
The mood inside our team is excellent. Recent victory at Red Bull pleases us. It was not that easy, we have met all top teams of CIS there. It is pleasant for us that we managed to play agaist all and we were able to defeat them all, though two matches were bo1, where nothing goes without luck.
We liked and remembered how we managed to tune up the whole team for the one wave, though our affairs are not going well lately. We abstracted from all problems in the team in order to play one day at maximum.

How is everything going with your visas to USA?​
Visas are preparing for now. Soon, we will be interviewed according to the procedure and then it will be clear, whether we receive visas or not.

Yesterday you refused to play at Dota 2 Champions League Season 5. Why the team made such a decision?
From the beginning we did want to refuse playing, but later we found out, that Dulat and Vanya need to fly for visa interview and they will not be in optimal physycal shape. To play a single game against Ninjas in Pyjamas, sending them to the losers' bracket and then to withdraw – was not our choice.

The International 5 – tournament of the year is coming soon. Do you think you may receive a direct invitation? Why?
Yep, I think we have all the chances for a direct invitation. Now teams show almost a similar level and all of them have the chances to receive a desirable invitation. I think, that the team, which reaches the maximum success during last month will recive this invitation. I guess, our best advantage will be the fact that we did not change our roster, while top teams of CIS renewed theirs.

The nearest match of our Dota 2-team, scheduled for lan-finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015. Follow the news on website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!