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HR defeated KILLERFISH in the first round of DH France Qual

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Report from DH France Qual.

 HellRaisers [2:1]  KILLERFISH
3:16 @cache, 16:4 @inferno, @dust2

On the first map of the confrontation, KILLERFISH overconfidently won due to almost perfect game for defense and well-played pistol round in the second half. After a destroying defeat, the most important thing for us was to forget the result at the previous map as soon as possible and to get back to de_inferno with doubled power — 3:16.

At «hell's» map our guys proved that the outcome of previous map is just an accident. HellRaisers from the beginning took an advantage and kept it till the end. And it was in despite of the fact that in terms of side-pick our guys had to start for a weaker side — terrorists. Outcome — 16:4.
The similar scenario held on de_dust2. Earning a quite well advantage for attack, the Germans started a fight, however it did not lead to a comeback. «Fishes» worked not without errors, and were punished for them by HR — 16:8.

Comments of Rustem «mou» Telepov:

«The first map we started very badly,a late arrival from Voronezh affected there. We had little time to sleep and did not manage to adjust well for a game. The game started only after the loss at de_cache, when we discussed all our mistakes and adjusted for victory!»

Now HellRaisers are only in one step from the French Dreamhack. A k1ck team is going to become a barrier on the way to it. The match is scheduled for April, 22. Follow the news on our website and our report from this tournament.

Cheer for HellRaisers!