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HellRaisers won quota for the Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015

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Report from quali for Red Bull BattleGround

 HellRaisers [0:1]  Team Empire

The day began from a defeat. Our guys were slow on motion, but fortunately, this game affected well future matches, it gave a needed charge. Empire quite quickly and confidently won in the match, without any chances for HellRaisers. Resolut1on played well on Lina.  Everything finished in 32 minutes.

 HellRaisers [1:0]  Virtus.pro

In the morning the team ASUS.Polar joined Virtus.pro organization, and at night already played under the banner of new organization. However, on contrary to the fans' expectations, "bears" almost the first withdrew from the qualifier for Red Bull tournament. Our guys equally fought VP. Once again, the excellent match against HellRaisers plays Lina, now driven by God. Our guys accurately, step by step and gradually pressed enemy to their own base and made capitulate not from the first try. Moreover, for a long period of time VP looked even better, but lost the advantage during the game.

 HellRaisers [1:0]  Empire

An excellent match-revenge took place in the lower bracket of the tournament.  Our opponent were sent there by Natus Vincere. Fortunately for HellRaisers' fnas everything went to a different scenario. One of the best, but may the best, game in the 2015 held Dread, who made some fantastic things with his "earthshaker", his runup to Imperials, who tried Roshan, worth of a special praise. Doon, we will upload a video of this moment, it is quite necessary to watch. The teamwipe, which happened there allowed HellRaisers to have a confident revenge to Team Empire and to enter Grand final of qulifiers.

 HellRaisers [2:1]  Natus Vincere

The first map in the final was dictated by Na`Vi. ArtStyle&Co realized the maximum of their pick and were able to win due several serious dogfights. The game at our camp, as it said – did not go well and all efforts to change the turn of events only made the situation more complicated. FInally, our guys wrote GG in chat in the end of the first half an hour — 0:1.

But on the second map was a real interesting Dota! Leading from the begining of the game, HellRaisers held two not worthy fights, where they lost all the advantage. Dread was shining again, ARTES did a fantastic job and the other guys showed a high skill level. From the third attempt to strike up a final fight, HellRaisers put the dot in the match, effectively destroying the opponents at "turning over point" — 1:1.

The game reached it decisive map. Our guys made a bet on the later Medusa, therefore suffered some in the beginning. In the first half an hour NaVi did much: they destroyed almost all the bulidings of our guys. Most of the attacks of HellRaisers were forced to cancel due to enemy crips, which dwelled at our base. But several successful fights and killed Roshans allowed to purchase Afoninje all necessary ammunition and his Medusa became a beared of incredible firepower. The first runup to the enemy highground of Na`Vi put all dots over «i» regarding the definition of the winner — 2:1.

Comments of team manager, Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko:

«In case we would lose in the final, viewers and our faithful fans would be peased. They well know, what problems we have met lately and how hard the wins come to our hands. The entire team played as one solid piece, it is the most important for me».

Our guys go to USA! We congratulate all fans of the team, who supported guys in their hard times. This day showed us how HellRaisers are able to play. Report from Red Bull Battle Grounds — by this link.

Cheer for HellRaisers!