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HR.CSGO and Cph Wolves: the draw

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Report from GO:CL Season 1

 HellRaisers [1:1]  Copenhagen Wolves
19:21 @overpass, 16:12 @inferno

HellRaisers and Copenhagen Wolves (former myXMG) are old opponents, which in the end of 2014 have met many times. The first match in 2015 these teams held with renewed rosters, however the quality of them did not reduce. On contrary,  the attentive audience might notice many features, that teams used in the game.

A mine of useful discoveries  teams showed on de_overpass. Quite recently the updated map was developed in positive way. Now defense of «А» point entirely transformed, teams have no differences here. The Danes, for instance, tried to demonstrate less aggression at «banana» point and in «WCs», the microactions at the contact point capture worked well. That brought its fruits at overtimes: «wolves» lost no rounds for CTs. Our guys were close to make a comeback in the second part of aditional time, but they failed at last matchpoint  — 19:21.

On de_inferno game held with tension, neither of teams could form a solid advantage, at such a pace game finished. An excellently prepared game plan for attack helped our guys. The aggressive style of HR ideally suited the defense of Cph Wolves. Playing without serious tactics, in usual style – the searching for an open-frag, our guys won 8 rounds for defense — 16:12.

Mikhail «Dosia» Stolyarov commented the game:

«We lost on de_overpass because of lacking the practicing that map, we have just started analyzing that map and did not do there much, we still do not fully understand how to act for attack. On de_inferno we are more confident, though we won only 8 rounds for defense. We felt confident playing for attack and played without being bound».

HellRaisers reached the equator of online part at Global Offensive Champions League Season 1. Matches against Na`Vi, Flipsid3 and others are awaiting for our guys ahead. Follow the turn of events at the tournament in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!