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HellRaisers are invited to Counter Pit League

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CS:GO-division of our organization will participate in the next online league. Counter Pit League starts in May and will end in the last day of July. There will play 12 teams, 10 of which received direct invitations and two more will be defined by qualifier results.

The start of qualifier is scheduled for May, 1, the league itself starts on 20th of May. Participating teams will be divided into 2 groups, 6 teams each, the group stage will be played in bo-2 format. Four the best teams of each group will proceed: 1st and 2nd places directly to the quarterfinals of the upper bracket, 3rd and 4th – go to the "losers" bracket.

Our guys will approach these matches responsible and will try to show a good game. The motivation is worthy — the prize pool of the tournament is $50,000.

Prize pool distribution:

1 place — $23,750
2 place — $10,500
3 place — $7,500
4 place — $4,000
5-6 places —  $2,000

Interesting fact: this tournament will be the first, where official teams will sort out relations with a new mappool: without de_nuke, but with de_train. The complete list of the tournament maps is: dust2, inferno, mirage, cache, overpass, cobblestone, train.

List of participants of Counter Pit League:

  HellRaisers   Natus Vincere
  Flipsid3 Tactics   Virtus.pro
  EnVyUs   Titan
  Team SoloMid   Team Dignitas
  Ninjas in Pyjamas   PENTA Sports
 Qual. #1  Qual. #2


We will keep you informed regarding the events in this tournament! Follow the news on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!