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Property vs HellRaisers: the strongest is not defined

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Report from GO: Champions League Season 1

 HellRaisers [1:1]  Property
21:17 @inferno, 11:16 @mirage

The Swedish team Property managed to declare themselves at international arena as a not-easy opponent. In the match against HellRaisers, guys acted in traditional style: without unique tactical delicacies, focusing at smaller teamplay and own shooting skill.

On de_inferno that strategy helped a lot to the Scandinavians in the second half of the match. Their play for counter-terrorists looks controversial, gives a weakness, which was found by our guys, who were searching for it during the game. Almost every run-up at the point ANGE1&Co was successful, however they lost rounds due unconfident actions in clutches. Throughout the match it seemed that HR control the course of the match, but they could not avoid ovetimes. Within additional rounds, HellRaisers managed to prove their advantage — 21:17.

The second map was chosen by Property. Though on de_mirage our guys capable to play well, it seemed that they lacked of having more practice at this particular map. The defense of HR sometimes received point in two-three players and sometimes by only one. This is unacceptable at this level, because the pledge of any victory lies in ability to express own individuality at maximum during teamplay actions. A nice example: situation 1 vs 5, which twist won for his team. Our guys one by one tried to crack down the last surviving player of the opponent team, but finally lost the important round. De_mirage ended in favor of the Swedish vis-a-vis — 11:16.

Aftermatch commentary of Emil «kUcheR» Akhundov:

«The turning point of the match was 1 vs 5 from twist. It is a pity to give out such rounds, we had some missunderstandings in information and he did everything excellently. With a new roster we did not have much practice at de_mirage, we still play on three maps. We start practice de_mirage in couple of days. In addition we have one important demo, from which, I think, we will learn many useful things and will fix all the errors.»

Tomorrow our team will continue performance at GO:CL league. The opponent will much more famous — Virtus.pro. To follow the turn of events on tournament you can in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!